Should You Touch Up Your Color or Redo It?

touch upWhen you have a few roots showing, your immediate instinct may be that it is time to get your hair colored again. That is not always necessary. In some situations, you may be able to just touch up your roots and doing this could offer a number of key benefits to you. For many people, touching up is the better solution because it can give you the look you want without a lot of the problem that goes along with coloring your hair. Of course, you’ll want to work closely with your hair stylist to determine when it is better to redo your hair color from the roots to the tips or when touching up your color is the better option.

What Are the Benefits of Touch Ups?


There is plenty of reason to touch up your hair. Within a few weeks of getting your hair colored, you are likely to see a significant amount of re-growth. This occurs as your hair continues on the hair growth cycle. The benefits of touching up your hair color include:

It exposes your hair to far fewer chemicals. Because only the new growth is actual colored again, the existing hair is not further exposed to chemicals which can, ultimately, worsen the hair quality.

  • touch up

    It costs less to touch up than to redo your hair color. It is often just a fraction of the cost of redoing your hair.

  • Touching up your hair color is faster, again taking much less time than redoing your hair.
  • You’ll still get a cohesive, even hair color. No one will be able to tell where new growth is and what was colored.
  • You can touch up more frequently than you can redo your hair with a new color.

There are some situations in which coloring your hair over again is necessary. This is true when you want to change the color, of course, or when more than a third of your hair needs to be colored. It can also be beneficial to color your hair over when you want to add highlights to it.

Getting the Color You Needtouch up

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