Shaggy Chic: The 70s Classic is Back

Bell bottoms and corduroy might not be making a comeback anytime soon but the shag hairstyle certainly is. This hairstyle is natural, versatile and most of all, great for the overall health of your tresses. You will need to get your hair cut in a way that helps to bring out the essence of this style, as well as pick up the right hair products. After a few tries you will be able to get it to look perfect. Here’s how you can make your hair truly shag-o-rific.

Starting With the Cut

hairstyleThe classic shag is usually anywhere from approximately shoulder length to about bra-strap length. The ends of your hair need to be uneven, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be executed with a blunt haircut. A lot of times stylists will razor cut the hair so that the tips are a bit more textured, but you can talk to your hairdresser about how you want the cut to be performed. Layers are also good for making the shag haircut look more lively.

Selecting Products to Perfect the Shag

hairstyleSince the shag is a fairly ‘messy’ looking hairstyle you’ll need to put away your hair gel, at least for now. Products that will control frizz are good, as are texturizing pastes and hair mousse for volume. Concentrate on the ends and slowly move up toward the scalp. You want your hair to bounce and move so be careful about adding too much product. In the end, your hair should be light and free so that it literally looks like you got out of bed, shook your head and started the day.

Maintaining the 70s Shag Hairstyle

hairstyle You may need to check a mirror and see how your hair is holding up, but you don’t need to re-apply hair products often with a shag haircut. That might be why so many women love the shag, as it actually looks better throughout the day. Take a nap, shake your hair all around or find other ways to ‘mess up’ your hair to have it looking like you were sent directly from the 70s.

Test out different products and see how you can shake things up with the shag. This is a style that is a top pick by professional hairstylists because it has so much potential to look different on every woman.


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