Popular Celebrity Hairstyles 2019

What are some popular celebrity hairstyles for 2019? Celebrities are larger than life figures, and people often look up to them for inspiration. However, straight up copying them takes away the originality from your own life, so you should avoid that. Celebrities set the trends when it comes to fashion and the cosmetic industry. They set trends for everything ranging from different the styles of makeup to how your hair should look. Every year, you see celebrities rocking different styles and chic haircuts. However, we can say that 2019 was probably the year of contemporary hairstyles. Everyone had something unique going on.

Popular Celebrity Hairstyles 2019

1.     Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are the new statement and they give you a fun and fresh look. They help in uplifting your facial features and making your face look more defined. You can see these famous celebs rocking this haircut:

  • Zendaya is someone who often experiments with her hair; you can see her rocking this hairstyle
  • Model Alanna Arrington has one of the best curls in the modeling industry
  • Star of Russian Doll, Natasha Lyonne, has beautiful voluminous hair

2.     Curtain Bangs

Unlike curly bangs, curtain bangs are bit more of a relaxed approach to the fringe. They are basically longer bangs with tons of layers and a lot of texture. They range from long hair to short bobs. Here are some celebrities that look exquisite with the curtain bangs:

  • Camilla Cabello has these flawless curtain bangs, and they look amazing with her soft doll-like facial structure
  • Bella Hadid has these piercing green eyes, and with this haircut, she looks fierce as ever
  • Selena Gomez rocks the curtain bangs, and they look amazing with her face shape

3.     Blunt Bob

A sharp, blunt bob is probably everyone’s dream. They suit every face shape but look excellent with oval face shapes. Blunt bobs have been extremely popular in 2019. Here are some celebs who look ravishing with a blunt bob:

  • Jenna Dewan with her beautiful sharp eyes looks gorgeous with a blunt bob
  • Sarah Paulson has such a sleek look and looks very contemporary with the blunt bob
  • Mandy Moore, with her beautiful face, structure rocks the haircut

4.     70s Shag

We know the name sounds old. You must be thinking that we are talking about the 70s in 2019. It will surprise you to know that the 70s have been extremely trendy in 2019. Everything, ranging from clothes to hairstyles, have seen a touch of the 70s. The 70s shag has this voluminous, beautiful look to it and you can spot it from far away. Some celebs that look stunning with the 70’s shag are:

  • Taraji P. Henson looks beautiful with wavy hair
  • Chrissy Teigen’s has an adorable youthful look with her 70’s shag
  • Hailey Baldwin with her small oval-shaped face looks excellent with the 70’s shag cut

Final Verdict

Celebrities help us in deciding what type of styles we should adopt so that we can look chic and trendy. However, let us tell you a secret: the most contemporary style is to be unique and original. Taking inspiration from celebrities is an amazing thing. However, you should always remember to add your own twists to the hairstyles so that you can look different from everyone else.

By looking, different people actually end up remembering you more if you don’t blend in with the crowd. If you are looking for hairstylists to help give you that perfect up to date original hairstyle book an appointment with Aaron Emanuel hair salon.

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