Hair Tape Extensions:  What are they and how do they work?

tape-in-hair-extensions-salon-nyc-01Wishing you had thicker locks or is that last hair cut taking a little longer to grow out than you had hoped?  The good news is, these days, you don’t have to be born with the good hair gene or have the patience to grow your hair out.  Now, you can have the hair of your dreams in an hour or less with tape in hair extensions!

What are hair tape extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are exactly what their name implies: hair that’s taped in!  The extensions are a semi-permanent process that involves “sandwiching” two weft panels, with double sided tape attached, discretely to the roots of small sections of your own hair to create a look that naturally and seamlessly blends in with your own tresses. The wefts typically range between 1”- 4” long and are considered the safest hair extension method because the weight of the panels is spread across a larger area resulting in less damage to the natural hair.

The installation process typically takes an hour or less (depending on the length and volume desired) and offers clients styling versatility, comfort, and a natural look.  With hair tape extensions, hair can be worn up or down.  In fact, some say they can hold curl longer with the extensions in their hair than they could with just their own hair.

Who’s a good candidate?

Pretty much anyone wanting a quick, affordable, solution for longer and thicker hair or someone wanting to add a pop of color without damaging their natural locks.  However, it is important to note that tape in hair extensions are not recommended for those with super thick or curly hair.  For these hair types, we recommend sew-in or braided hair extensions.

How long do they last?

before-after-how-long-last-tape-in-hair-extensions-02Depending on how fast your hair grows and how well you take care of your hair tape extensions, on the average, should last anywhere from 6-8 weeks before needing to have them taken out and reinstalled by a salon professional.  You can also prolong your hair tape extension wear by taking care not saturate the tape with moisturizing hair products when conditioning or styling your hair as this can cause the glue to break down and lead to them slipping out of your hair.

It’s important to note that you should not wash your hair or sweat excessively for 24-48 hours after your extensions are applied.  This is because the bond needs time to properly adhere to the hair to avoid slipping or falling out.

In terms of how long the actual tape in extensions, themselves, last; that will depend on the type of extensions you have (i.e. synthetic hair extensions or Remy/human hair extensions).  Typically, 100% Remy or human hair extensions should be reusable for up to a year if you are using high-quality professional products recommended by your stylist.  Synthetic tape in hair extensions, on the other hand, typically have a shorter life-span.

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