Hair Straightening – Which Method Is The Best?

Hair Straightening – Which Method Is The Best? Most women strive hard to look best every single day. In addition to ensuring you have the right makeup, you probably want your hair to look best. Especially the women with frizzy hair find it quite difficult to manage their tresses. If you are one of them, this article is for you!

You can always have fabulous, gorgeous-looking straight hair whenever you want. All you have to do is to come across the different hair straightening techniques to choose the best one for your hair.

Keratin Treatment

It is no secret that keratin treatments have become one of the most popular hair straightening methods over the past few years. No doubt, keratin treatments are safer techniques for hair straightening, which makes it a popular choice of many women today. Well, keratin is a natural protein that is naturally present in our hair.

Over time, this protein content decreases due to poor diet and age factors. Eventually, it makes your hair look dreary and rough. That said, the keratin treatment adds enough content of keratin onto your hair, which provides it sufficient nutrients. As a result, your hair becomes smooth and straight. In a salon, professional hairstylist applies keratin solution to your tresses and uses a flat iron to seal in the content to your hair strands.

One of the reasons that make keratin method the best is that your hair grows back into its natural form and structure gradually, and you can repeat the treatment without worrying about hair damage.

Thermal Reconditioning

Also known as Japanese straightening, thermal reconditioning promotes the permanently altered structure of your hair. The process loses the protein bonds present in your shafts while reshaping your hair cells. However, it is important to mention here that thermal reconditioning is a lengthy process involving several steps. Maybe, you need to sit for six to eight hours for the treatment.

Hair Rebonding

If you want straightened hair for a longer period, rebonding is the best option to go for. The process involves a chemical treatment that makes your sleek, shiny, and straight. Not to mention, hairstylists use a relaxant softener or straightening cream, which break the natural structure of your hair to re-bond it again. This straightening technique is ideal for women with thick or wavy hair.

Flat Iron

So, the last effective yet on-the-go hair straightening method is using a flat iron. Whether you are commuting to your office or going into your friend’s birthday party, this hair straightening technique will tame your frizz without any hassle. However, do not forget that excessive heat can damage your hair. Therefore, make sure to set the iron on heat level that your hair can tolerate. But it is best for you to visit a salon to get it done more safely. They use a heat protection hair spray that protects your hair from heat damage.

The Bottom Line

With the intense summer heat, your hair becomes prone to frizz. However, combating the frizz is never easy; you need to put many efforts to make them smooth and silky. After coming across the above mentioned straightening techniques, now you know how to achieve straightened hair easily. However, it is in your best interest to approach  Aaron Emanuel Salon. Our team of experts will guide you and recommend the best hair straightening for you.

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