Hair Ideas for Spring

Spring is in the air and everything is fresh and alive with color! Along with this time of new beginnings comes new hair ideas for spring that will give you a fresh new look for the spring season! Here are some hair ideas for spring that are sure to freshen up your look:

Spring Hair Idea #1: Unicorn Pastel Hair

hair-ideas-for-spring-2019-unicorn-pastel-hair-01This is the spring hair idea that fairytales are made of! Unicorn pastel hair is a new take on rainbow hair. With an array of pastel colors like pastel pink, pastel blue, and pastel green, you might find it hard to choose, so our advice it use them all! Achieving this colorful spring look requires your stylist to bleach your hair light before depositing the color. Color can be applied on strands or with an ombre technique where more color is deposited at the ends and less towards the roots.

Spring Hair Idea #2: Baby Bangs

Baby bangs or micro bangs are basically wispy or blunt bangs cut a few inches above your eyebrows. This spring hair idea is a “fringe” on the retro side and can open the entire face while still giving it a soft look. Perfect for spring time fun in the sun!

Spring Hair Idea #3: Neon Hair

If the soft, pastel look of Unicorn Pastel Hair isn’t your thing, this spring hair idea takes it up a notch with bright, bold, neon colors. The neon look can be achieved by dye or with hair extensions (if you want to try the look out without fully committing). Spring forward with this vibrant hair color!

Spring Hair Idea #4: Box Braids & Cornrows

hair-ideas-for-spring-2019-cornrows-02This spring hair idea is a stylish way to keep hair out of your face and is great for curly or unruly hair. Is your hair straight and well behaved? No worries, your stylist can make this look work for just about any hair texture including straight hair.

Spring Hair Idea #5: The Pixie Cut

hair-ideas-for-spring-2019-pixie-cut-03With temperatures warming up, the pixie cut is a great spring hair idea to keep things cool. It’s a fun spring look that blends femininity and masculinity and is a real time saver!

Spring Hair Idea #6: Big Hair

If you think big hair is so 80’s, think again! This spring hair idea is all about curls, bouffant and teased hair with a touch of pastel to really make it pop! One way this look is achieved is by curling the hair with a curling iron and piling it on top of the head.

Spring Hair Idea #7: Chocolate Brown Hair

hair-ideas-for-spring-2019-chocolate-brown-hair-04Turns out, chocolate isn’t just for chocolate covered Easter eggs this spring. This deep, timeless hair color makes its way back to be a popular spring hair idea. Looking rich, delicious, and healthy this brunette shade hides split ends and damaged hair effortlessly!

Spring Hair Idea #8: Honey Hair

If chocolate isn’t your thing then, maybe, this spring hair idea is! Honey hair is the warmer and darker side of blonde hair color and can easily be achieved by rinsing a warm hair toner through naturally blonde hair.

Ready to spring into a new look with one of these spring hair ideas? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best hair salon in NYC!


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