Coloring Hair:  Do’s and Dont’s

hair-color-dos-and-donts-01Looking for a quick beauty pick-me-up?  Nothing can liven up your complexion and give you a fresh look quicker than hair color.  Whether you opt for a permanent change or something more temporary, here are some hair coloring do’s and don’ts to get the most out of your make-over:

Coloring Hair Do – Meet with A Stylist

Before taking the plunge to color your hair, it’s always wise to seek the expertise of a stylist.  They are trained to know what hair colors will work with your complexion, how hair color will take with your hair texture, and if your hair will be able to handle a color change.[i]

Coloring Hair Don’t – Don’t Do It Yourself!

Sure, you can save yourself some money by not seeing a professional.  However, if you value your hair, you realize that saving money is far less important than running the risk of damaging your hair. A lot of permanent hair colors, if applied incorrectly can cause permanent damage to your hair.[ii]

In addition, if you decide not to use the expertise of a train stylist, you may not get the desired results.  The color you see on a box of color from the drug store isn’t necessarily the color you’ll end up with.  In fact, hair color can come out 1-3 shades darker depending on the condition and texture of your hair![iii]

Coloring Hair Do – Research Before Any Color Change

advice-on-coloring-your-hair-02Before you decide to color your hair decide what color you want and how long you want to keep it.  If you don’t want your hair colored for more than 3 months, go with a semi-permanent hair color or demi-permanent hair color product that easily washes out of the hair over time.  [iv]

If you still can’t decide on what color to try, go to a wig store and try on several different colored wigs until you find a few that suit you.  Then, take a picture with each of them on to show your stylist before making a final decision.[v]

Coloring Hair Don’t – Don’t Color Recently Chemically Treated Hair

If you’ve recently permed or relaxed your hair, it’s best to wait at least 2 weeks (preferably longer) before coloring your hair.  Also, it’s wise to wait 10-12 weeks after coloring your hair before perming or relaxing it.[vi]

Coloring Hair Do – Do Deep Condition and Moisturize

hairstylist-salon-new-york-city-03Keep in mind that you are more likely to get the results you want from your new hair color if your hair is healthy.  So, it’s advised that you start upping your hair moisturizing and deep conditioning game before hair coloring to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during the hair coloring process.   Deep Conditioning and moisturizing are also very important to maintaining the health and vibrancy of your hair after the coloring process.[vii]

Coloring Hair Do – Do Have Fun!

While there are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to coloring, it’s also important to enjoy the process.  Change is good but be smart about it!

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