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Are There Differences between Male and Female Hairstylists?

Are there differences between male and female hairstylists? The cosmetic and fashion industry are the industries where you normally think that women are the dominant force. But in today’s time and age, you see that men are a huge part of this industry as well. If you were to go to a salon in your area, you might discover that there are both male and female hairstylists in every salon at this point. Not only that, but the ratio of both male and female hairstylist is somewhat balanced as well. Before we get into the differences between Male and Female hairstylists, let’s talk about some common misconceptions.

Difference between a Barber, Hairstylist and Hairdresser

Terms such as barber, hairstylist, and hairdresser are words that people use interchangeably. However, that is a huge misconception and is highly incorrect. These three terms mean different things. Let us take a barber, for example. A barber does not just cut hair but he/she also has a license to shave. On the other hand, a hairstylist is only licensed to cut and style hair.

Similarly, a hairdresser is different from a hairstylist and a barber because a hairdresser only cuts hair whereas a hairstylist also cuts, colors and styles hair. Knowing the difference between these terms is very crucial to help know if the service you are getting from a hair care professional even comes under their window.

Male vs. Female Hairstylists

When it comes to skill, it is difficult to tell if men or women are better. You can find both good and bad male and female hairstylists. However, some things set them apart from each other. For example, male hairstylists tend to talk less in comparison to female hairstylist. Now, this can be both, a good and bad thing. If you are going into a salon so that you can get your hair done and maybe talk about your day then going to a female hairstylist will be a better decision. However, if you plan on having a relaxing, calm and quiet day at the salon, a male hairstylist might be the best decision for you.

It depends on what your style is like. If you want a bit of a masculine flair to your hair, a male stylist would probably be beneficial for you. And if you like a feminine touch to your hair, a female hairstylist might be your cup of tea.

Final Thoughts

Research is an extremely crucial thing to remember when choosing hairstylists. You should never to salon and get your hair done by whoever is available. You can end up with a disastrous outcome of doing that. We always suggest taking some time out and researching what hairstylist is best for you. It should not depend on the gender of the hairstylist.

However, it depends on who is a more talented hairstylist. Today, a good majority of salons and hairstylist have their Instagram accounts where they like to post their work. So, be sure to check out their work and see if it suits your preferred style. If you are looking for a diverse range of hairstylists, make sure to check out Aaron Emanuel hair salon. At Aaron Emanuel’s, you can get chic and contemporary hairstyles from trusted and talented hair care professionals.

Bangs or No Bangs: How to Decide

Bangs or No Bangs How to DecideBangs are incredibly cute, but they’re not for everybody. Before you decide on styling your hair in a manner that will change how it looks for a long time to come, consider the plusses and minuses associated with bangs. Shorter bangs are hard to camouflage or move out of the way while longer bangs might look better with some styles than others. Choose whether or not you should have your hair cut into bangs by thinking about how you normally wear your hair, your head shape and what your everyday lifestyle is comprised of.

Choosing a Bangs Hairstyle

Do you think that bangs would complement your layered bob well? Do you want bangs because your hair hasn’t been cut in five years and you think it would make you look different? Bangs can be blunt or asymmetrical, long or short or medium length. Getting bangs cut on a whim can be disastrous, so think about how you are going to wear them and also how long it might take to grow them out. Look at how you normally wear your hair, such as up in a bun, then consider what your face will come out looking like with bangs added to it.

No Bangs Hairstyles

Bangs or No Bangs How to DecideIf you are the type of woman who likes to put your hair up in a ponytail and go, bangs might be too much for you to maintain. They’re simple and they can really help to frame a pretty face, but bangs also need to be trimmed and styled to look good. Sometimes bangs can look nice when you’ve got a short cut hairstyle but then they can also be too long and take away from all the other parts of your hair look.

Compromising on Bangs

Get your hair cut to a medium length and get longer bangs that can be pulled back when you want to hide them. By keeping the hair at the front of your head a bit longer you can add and take away your bangs at will. You can eventually decide on getting shorter bangs cut if you like the look, but you don’t have to be bound by a single styling choice either.

Bangs or No Bangs How to DecideBangs or no bangs, your hair can be exquisite. A stylist can easily tell you if you will be able to improve your looks with bangs or not, so get a consultation to find out the truth. Talk to our stylists today about booking an appointment with the best NYC stylists in the industry.

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Wedding Day Hair: The Styles That Are In This Summer

Besides the dress, your wedding day hairstyle is likely the most important part of your overall look on your special day. You may have a particular style all picked out and ready to go and then suddenly want to wear your hair a different way because you just don’t feel like it suits you. Never fear because the hottest wedding day hairstyles trending this summer can easily be put together to make you look as beautiful as ever. Here’s how you can turn heads while walking down the aisle with a hairstyle that is out of this world.

The High Ponytail

Wedding Day Hair: The Styles That Are In This SummerThe classic, yet simple, high ponytail is making a huge comeback this summer. Although the style itself isn’t complicated, lots of effort is necessary in order to get every hair to stay in place during your nuptials. High ponytails aren’t just for long haired women either. If you can get all of your hair pinned up in a ponytail, then extensions can be used to add both length and volume. Wear your ponytail on the crown of your hair to have a hairdo that has more movement, or have it moved slightly backward so that your face is better highlighted.

The Sleek Topknot

Wedding Day Hair: The Styles That Are In This SummerMen may have the ‘man-bun,’ but women are completely owning the summer essential topknot. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies that have medium to long hair, and it is a great alternative to the classic bun work at the nape of the neck. Add ribbons or barrettes to make your topknot more elegant or make it messy to go with your bohemian wedding on the beach.

The Textured Shag

Wedding Day Hair: The Styles That Are In This SummerIf you want to wear your hair out and let it fall around your face freely on your wedding day, consider the textured shag. All you really need for this hairstyle is some styling paste and your fingers to volumize the roots and you will be ready to make an entrance at your wedding. You can wear a textured shag no matter your hair length and look captivating on your wedding day.

Keep your hair simple this summer so that you can maintain your style with ease. Even if you will be getting married in an air conditioned indoor venue remember that between dancing and socializing, your hair can get in the way if you choose too complex of a style.

Talk to our professionally trained NYC hair stylists to get your hair ready for a memorable wedding.

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The Benefits of Professional Hair Styling

professional-hair-styling-tipsHave you thought about styling your hair in a new way? Perhaps you have always taken care of your hair at home, even colored it at home. While that may be a good option in some situations, there are numerous benefits to professional hair styling. No matter what you are hoping to have done to your hair, one thing is for sure. Your hair stylist can help you to have the look you want and help you to ensure your hair remains healthy and beautiful at all times. Consider a few of the big reasons that you simply cannot overlook the importance of seeing a hair stylist.

The Benefits of a Professional

professional-hair-styling-tipsTake a look at these benefits of going in to see a professional hair stylist:

  • Your hair needs a chemical-type treatment. This could be coloring, straightening, or perming. In all cases, chemical changes to the structure of your hair should always be done by a professional to ensure they are done properly and that you are not negatively impacted.
  • You can always stay up to date on the latest trends and styles when you turn to a professional for your hair styling needs. You’ll appreciate having the latest looks.
  • You get help and support in regards to your hair’s health. If you are developing problems, including hair thinning or scalp-related issues, your hair stylist can inform you and help you to find a solution that’s right for you.
  • If you frequently change your hair, whether in color or cut, you’ll need a professional stylist to help you. If you treat your hair too often or using the wrong products, it can fall out or turn the wrong color.
  • A professional hair stylist can also help you to learn how to properly style your hair each day. He or she can answer your questions and guide you into creating the right look for your face’s shape.

When You Need A Professional Hair Stylist

professional-hair-styling-tipsWhen you turn to the best hair salon in New York City, you always get the one-on-one personal care you need. You can easily find that this is the type of professional you can trust to help you to always look your best. And, when you look great, you feel great, you’re more confident, and you’re more willing to smile. What can turning to a professional hair stylist do for you and your family?




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