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Read This Before You Decide on Full or Partial Highlights

top-nyc-salon-for-partial-highlights-01Getting highlights are the perfect way to add dimension and color to your hair without having to commit to the damaging effects that a full color will take on your hair. There are many benefits to choosing highlights over other coloring options, but the drawback is that it takes a little bit more effort and time to get exactly what you want. With highlights, you want to make sure your colorist is framing your face and using a color that isn’t too light for your current hair (do we not remember the awful early 2000’s trend that was getting blonde highlights in dark hair?). Additionally, you’ll want to decide whether or not you want to get full or partial highlights, as the two have a couple of notable differences that we’ve discussed below.

Partial Highlights vs Full Highlights

ues-salon-for-dirty-blonde-with-partial-highlights-02When you get full highlights, your stylist will highlight different pieces of hair throughout your entire head, as opposed to focusing on a few areas with partial highlights—whether that be the top or front of your hair in areas that will frame your face nicely. If you’re looking to make smaller changes to your hair or just want to frame your face a bit over dramatically changing your look, partial highlights may be the best option for you.

Full highlights, on the other hand, will be your best option if you’re looking to lighten your overall color and add depth and texture to the look of your hair as a whole. Full highlights will dramatically change the color of your hair, so if you’re seeking to go a few shades lighter but don’t want to commit to a full-dye this is a fantastic option.

Benefits of Highlights

partial-highlights-or-full-color-info-top-nyc-salon-03One of the biggest benefits to being able to choose between full or partial highlights as opposed to having to color all of your hair is that you have the freedom to set a wider budget. If you’re not looking to spend too much on your hair color you can opt for partial highlights. This will give your hair enough change to see a difference but won’t cost you a small fortune, since we all know that coloring sessions can get pricey fast. That being said, the average of cost is also a good indicator for time. If you don’t have the time to spend a day at the salon getting full highlights done you can opt for partial highlights. This will make upkeep much easier and affordable, as you won’t have to sink as much time and money into your color.

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Alternatives to Traditional Highlights if You Want to Lighten Up This Spring

highlightsHaving some lighter tones in your hair can be an easy way to give yourself a new look for the warmer seasons and can allow you to enjoy a touch of blond without having to subject all of your hair to the damaging effects of bleach.

Normally, the way to do this is with highlights, which are applied where you want them and left to develop with foil to separate the hair that is being lightened from the rest of your hair. There are lots of ways people choose to distribute their highlights, including all over on the top layer to give the effect of natural sun lightening, to highlights just around the face for an effect that can lift your complexion.

However, highlights are not your only choice if you want the partially lightened look. You can also consider other approaches that use bleach selectively to lift color exactly where you want it to create beautiful, summery effects.

Here are some ideas:


highlightsOmbre styles are where the ends of the hair are a different color to the lengths, and the change between the two colors is gradual (as opposed to dip dyed styles where there is a block change in color rather than a color gradient that fades them together). With ombre styles, the ends are typically lighter than the rest of the hair, though you can experiment with other color combinations.

As an alternative to highlights, ombre can give a light color lift in a fashionable way, while only exposing the longest parts of your hair to bleach. These are usually the most damaged parts of the hair anyway, and so an ombre can be a good look to try in the interim if you are planning to have the length cut off at a later date.


Balayage is a highlighting approach where the bleach to lighten sections of the hair is applied freehand. This can give a more natural sun lightened look, and can allow for some creative looks, making it easier to see where the lighter strands or sections will be – especially if applying at home. If you want to go DIY for your spring look, then this is undoubtedly an easier option than conventional highlights with foils.

Of course, for best results, especially when dealing with bleach, it is always best to go to a good stylist, so why not book an appointment at the best hairdressers in NYC now!

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What Are Highlights and Lowlights?

highlightsAre you looking for a way to add more than just color to your hair? In some situations, you may be looking for a way to add dimension. Instead of coloring your hair a single color, you may want it to have multiple tones of color. In many ways, this can make your hair feel better, look more youthful, and even help to create a more impressive look. To accomplish this, you may need to choose highlights or lowlights. What are these types of treatments and what do they mean for you? It’s always best to see your hair stylist for a bit more information on how they will work for your specific needs.

What Are Highlights?


The most common option is highlights. Here, there is a process of selecting either a thick or a thin strand of hair and then lightening them. Highlights have the goal of lightening the hair two shades lighter than the rest of the hair color. This adds more of a lighter tone to those strands of hair. Highlights, to look good, should also be a compliment to your hair. You can highlight hair in various colors, not just blonde (it’s a misconception that you can only add blonde highlights to your hair!)

What Are Lowlights?

highlightsLowlights are a bit different. These are less popular than highlighting your hair, but this can still be a very impressive look. The goal of lowlights is just the opposite of highlights. Here, you’ll create thick or thin strands of hair and darken them by at least two shades. That means you’ll end up with sections of your hair that are darker than the rest. This adds a lot of tone and dimension to your look. And, just like with highlights, you can choose a range of colors and darkness, creating a very beautiful finished look.

What’s Right for You?

It’s always best to work hand in hand with your hair stylist to get the right combination of highlights and lowlights for your hair. And, when applying these professional level styles, always work with someone that specializes in them. That’s going to help them to really stand out and look good. You don’t want your hair to look like it is striped, after all! When you come in to see our top rated New York City hair stylists, you’ll always get the professional level of care and attention that you need.

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