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Different Types of Hair and How to Care for Each

Each one of us has a hair type that’s uniquely our own. Whether is straight, curly, or a combination of the two, knowing your hair type will help simplify your hair care routine. You’ll be able to choose styling products, hair styles, and styling methods that will keep your hair type healthy and looking fabulous!

Although there are several classification systems for hair types, one of the most popular was developed by former Oprah Winfrey hairstylist, Andre Walker, which breaks types down in to four categories followed by sub-types based on hair consistency or volume.

Hair Type #1: Straight Hair

top-salon-different-hair-types-straight-hair-01Straight hair comes in 3 sub-types: 1a (thin), 1b (medium), and 1c (coarse). Although the types vary in consistency, they tend to have some similarities including being soft, oily, lacking volume, and being difficult to curl.

How do you care for straight hair types? Avoid the temptation to wash hair every day as it causes over production of oil by the oil glands. We advise washing the hair every other day with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh the hair down. Additionally, you can use a dry shampoo on the roots and throughout the day to soak up excess oil and provide lift or use a texturizing spray at the roots.

Hair Type #2: Wavy Hair

top-nyc-salon-for-wavy-hair-02Wavy Hair comes in 3 sub-types: 2a (thin), 2b (medium), and 3c (coarse). Hair type 2a has a very loose, flat, “S” pattern while 2b and 2c has a tight “S” pattern that’s frizzy, has more volume, and can be difficult to style.

Since wavy hair isn’t typically as oily as straight hair, we advise washing it every couple of days with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help with frizz. It’s also advised that you deep condition it once a week, comb it only when it’s wet, and let it air dry to keep your hair healthy. Hair types 2b or 2c may also want to use a light-weight hair cream or hair oil mid-shaft to the ends to keep hair smooth and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

Hair Type #3: Curly Hair

nyc-salon-curly-hair-03Curly hair has 3 sub-types: 3a (loose) and 3b (tight). The loose hair type tends to be full and frizzy with a “S” pattern and the tighter hair type is similar but looks more like a spiral.

Since oil is unable to travel down the hair shaft, curly hair tends to be super dry. Therefore, it’s important to only wash it every few days with moisturizing hair products. To avoid frizz, do not dry brush curly hair! Only comb with a detangling comb or finger-comb the hair when it’s wet, scrunch hair creams and oils into the hair, and let it air dry to maintain the curl pattern. It’s also advised to deep condition curly hair once a week and use a leave in conditioner.

Hair Type #4: Kinky Hair

top-salon-kinky-hair-04The final hair type is kinky hair and it has two textures: 4a (“s” curl) and 4b (“z” curl). The difference between the two is that 4a has a tight “s” pattern while 4b has a “z” pattern (or sometimes, no curl pattern at all).

Kinky hair is the driest of the hair types so it’s important to use a lot of moisturizing hair products to battle breakage. Use a moisturizing hair mask, hair oils, and avoid heat appliances which can dry the hair out further.

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