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History of Hair Salons in NYC

history-hair-salons-nyc-01The history of hair salons in New York City (NYC) is a fascinating!  Interestingly, the first hair salons to open in NYC were not “salons” at all but barbershops.  In the early 1800s working class men in NYC would frequent barbershops to treat themselves to a haircut, shave, shoe shine, smoke a cigar, have a drink, and socialize.

In fact, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that we saw the transition of barbershops to salons in NYC. Despite aggressive advertising campaigns to market to women and encourage them to get out of the house to get their hair done, many salons, in NYC and around the country, had a difficult time getting women into their establishments. Although it’s widely accepted today for women to go and get their hair done, during the 1800s, it was quite scandalous for women to have their hair done in public.  Back then, affluent women would have their hairdressers make home visits and working-class women would do their hair themselves.

That all changed in 1888, however, when a self-made Canadian entrepreneur, Martha Matilda Harper, decided to open the first public hair salon called “The Harper Hair Parlor” in Rochester, NY.  The hair parlor was conveniently located next to a music school, where women would drop their children off and often wait for them out in the cold to complete their music lessons.  Seeing this as an opportunity, Martha started inviting the ladies into her salon to get warm, serve them coffee and cookies, chat them up and, eventually, convince them to get their hair washed and styled in public!  Once word of Martha’s salon got out, it quickly became a safe and comfortable space for women to gather and share their thoughts, outside the company of men, setting the precedent of the hair salon being the community hub for gossip and fellowship.

old-hair-salon-history-women-02Eventually, “The Harper Hair Parlor” grew to five beauty training schools located in several states including NY, WI, and GA (to name a few).  It was at these schools that the “Harper Method” business model was perfected.  The Harper Method provided brand name hair salon products, hair salon training, and hair salon advertising materials to salon business owners and became the framework for the franchise business model as we know it today!  At its peak, The Harper Hair Parlor grew to over 500 franchises around the country (including NYC).  The salons were owned and operated by working-class women, like Martha Harper, who wanted to own their own businesses and control their own destinies!

From around the 1900s to the 1920s the popularity of salon services such as perms, hair color, up-dos and blow outs among women, gave way to a huge spike in the popularity of hair salons.  In fact, it’s estimated that over 25,000 hair salons sprung up in the United States during the roaring 20’s, many of which were in highly populated areas like NYC.

Today, there are thousands of hair salons across the country, and several hundred in just NYC alone.  With so many choices in hair salons, you are sure to find a hair salon and hair stylist in NYC to suit you.

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Shaggy Chic: The 70s Classic is Back

Bell bottoms and corduroy might not be making a comeback anytime soon but the shag hairstyle certainly is. This hairstyle is natural, versatile and most of all, great for the overall health of your tresses. You will need to get your hair cut in a way that helps to bring out the essence of this style, as well as pick up the right hair products. After a few tries you will be able to get it to look perfect. Here’s how you can make your hair truly shag-o-rific.

Starting With the Cut

hairstyleThe classic shag is usually anywhere from approximately shoulder length to about bra-strap length. The ends of your hair need to be uneven, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be executed with a blunt haircut. A lot of times stylists will razor cut the hair so that the tips are a bit more textured, but you can talk to your hairdresser about how you want the cut to be performed. Layers are also good for making the shag haircut look more lively.

Selecting Products to Perfect the Shag

hairstyleSince the shag is a fairly ‘messy’ looking hairstyle you’ll need to put away your hair gel, at least for now. Products that will control frizz are good, as are texturizing pastes and hair mousse for volume. Concentrate on the ends and slowly move up toward the scalp. You want your hair to bounce and move so be careful about adding too much product. In the end, your hair should be light and free so that it literally looks like you got out of bed, shook your head and started the day.

Maintaining the 70s Shag Hairstyle

hairstyle You may need to check a mirror and see how your hair is holding up, but you don’t need to re-apply hair products often with a shag haircut. That might be why so many women love the shag, as it actually looks better throughout the day. Take a nap, shake your hair all around or find other ways to ‘mess up’ your hair to have it looking like you were sent directly from the 70s.

Test out different products and see how you can shake things up with the shag. This is a style that is a top pick by professional hairstylists because it has so much potential to look different on every woman.


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How to Tame Your Hair This Summer

Take the time to get to know our salon. We're the best hair salon in Manhattan. Call us at 646-205-3054 to schedule an appointment.In the summer, you will feel hot and sticky, and your hair will often not look very nice. You may be ready to find a comfortable spot next to the pool but chlorine exposure and UV rays can wreck all of the hard work you put into hair. Either way you put it, taming your hair is going to be a very big challenge. Here are a couple of steps that can be taken to tame your hair without breaking a sweat.

Put It Up

Just face it – wearing your hair down may not be feasible during the summer. Having hair on your neck is going to make you hotter, and if your hair gets sweaty, you might as well call it a day. You don’t need to keep your hair hidden under a baseball cap to keep it under control. Try styling it into a topknot so that it doesn’t get hard to handle but still has a very sophisticated look. You can wear a side ponytail while you work out at the gym or accent your ponytail with a bedazzled headband for even more style.

Keep Your Hair Clean

Take the time to get to know our salon. We're the best hair salon in Manhattan. Call us at 646-205-3054 to schedule an appointment.Tame hair begins with clean hair so wash it often and wash it thoroughly. Product buildup is also a challenge in the summer, so by keeping your hair clean you’ll stand a better chance of having it look more sleek. Every time you go to the pool or the beach, rinse your hair before you head back home. After that, you can use shampoo, conditioner, and other nourishing products to get your hair back into shape and looking well maintained.

Maintain That Cut

Hair always looks wild when it needs to be trimmed, especially during the unrelenting summer. In fact, hair is more prone to grow faster in the summer so you may need to schedule your hair to be trimmed down and tamed more often. It will look like night and day when you see the before and after of your hair before you get a fresh trim and notice how much more tame it appears.

How to Tame Your Hair This SummerKeeping hair tame in the summer requires alternative styling choices. Remember that you still have another nine months out of the year to do whatever you want with your hair. But for right now, if you want it to be tame, you have to make a few concessions. Contact us today to book a fast consultation with our trained NYC stylists.

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Your Guide to Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair Color

Your Guide to Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair ColorWhether you’re looking to cover up your greys, or think a new, lighter hair color would look delightful, you should decide between coloring your hair permanently and semi permanently in advance. When done the right way, professionally colored hair is healthy, luscious, and possesses an incredibly rich and vibrant color. Here is your personal guide to permanent versus semi permanent hair color processing, how you can choose the right treatment for your hair, and the kind of results to expect.

What Goes Into Permanent Hair Coloring

The first thing you need to know about permanent hair colors is that they don’t wash out. If you choose a hair color that is darker than your natural locks, you should take note that touch-ups will be necessary to maintain a unicorn color once your roots begin to grow in. For those who want to go lighter in color, your natural hair color will probably need to be stripped with hair bleach. Permanent hair coloring always come out better when you go to a salon.

Choosing a Semi Permanent Hair Color

Your Guide to Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair ColorSemi permanent hair colors will change the hue of your tresses for a long time, but they do usually fade after a lot of washing. If your hair is naturally blonde or light brown, semi permanent dyes will likely change the color of your hair more significantly. For instance, using dark purple colored semi permanent dye on light blonde hair will result in a bold hair color at first. Over time, the dye will wash away slowly until you are left with a color that is more like lavender. On the other hand, semi permanent rinses also work well for women who want to cover their grey hair and want to use a hair dye that is more gentle.

Which One to Choose for Your Hair

The type of hair coloring that you select really depends on personality. If you like to switch up hair colors a lot, permanent hair coloring is probably not suitable for you. If you have always colored your hair the same color then permanent hair coloring may work best because there will be less maintenance.

Your Guide to Permanent and Semi Permanent Hair ColorDying your hair can get messy and if you aren’t familiar with the process you will end up with stained hands and skin around the perimeter of your hairline. Processing time is also critical if you are trying to keep your hair healthy.

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Elegant Topknots and Updos: The Ideal Styles for Weddings (Plus Our Tips on How to Avoid Damage)

hair salonWedding season is here, and that means that now is the time to pick out a new, exciting and trendy hairdo. As always, updos are the quintessential wedding day hair choice but you can’t just put your hair in a bun and expect to make a bold statement. Make sure that your hair stays healthy so that it looks good well after you walk down the aisle and say, “I do.” Choose a stunning topknot or an elegant updo so your husband-to-be and all of your guests are literally enchanted by your beauty.

Don’t Make it Too Tight

hair salonYour wedding day updo can be impeccable without being far too tight. Make sure that when you put your hair into a ponytail that you don’t yank or pull any of your hairs. Additionally, you want to smooth down the fine hairs around your hairline with a pomade or gel instead of trying to get them to stay put with tension. When you are satisfied with the look of your updo or topknot, move your head from side to side and make sure that everything still feels comfortable.

Don’t Overuse the Curling Iron

Having perfectly coiffed curls is important for a great wedding day updo, but you shouldn’t be burning your hair. If heat is to be used make sure that your styling tools are set at a safe temperature. There are all sort of products that can be used to make curls crisp without torching your hairs. An alternative solution is to use hair pieces for curly updos, but you also want to make sure that your head doesn’t get weighed down.

Use Heat Protectant First

hair salon

Spritz on a little heat protectant so that your ends don’t get brittle or split as you apply heat. Using heat protectant will also enable you to safely use curling irons at a much higher temperature than you would be able to on unprotected hair. Your natural hair will retain its health and you can leave on your wedding day with fully intact hair.

Your wedding is going to be one of the most special events you ever experience, so make sure that you have happy memories rather than thinking back on how your hair got wrecked. Never let someone who is not professionally licensed work on your hair as your updo or topknot could look magnificent, but the hair that you will be left with will be anything but superb.

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Deep Conditioning: Revive Your Hair

deep conditioningHave you heard that deep conditioning your hair is a good thing? It can be, if your hair is in poor condition. Many people don’t realize the amount of damage their hair faces on a daily basis. The sun is damaging to your hair. You may use products in your hair to style it. And, all of those perms and hair colorings all impact the health of your hair as well. The more changes that occur at the deep level of your hair – at the very structure of it -the more important it is for you to get a deep conditioning done.

When you come in to see your hair stylist, you may want to ask about the benefits of deep conditioning for your hair’s unique needs.

Do You Need Deep Conditioning?

deep conditioningDeep conditioning your hair is a good idea in several situations. Has your hair struggled through this type of treatment?

  • Has your hair been excessively exposed to the sun? This includes spending a lot of time at the beach, for example.
    Do you swim in a chlorine-treated pool?
  • Have you colored your hair more than once in the last few months?
  • Does your hair have heat applied to it for curling or straightening on a regular basis?
  • Have you not had a deep conditioning treatment in the last six months?

If any of these situations are true, it may be time to have a deep conditioning. The process will help to improve the way your hair feels and looks. If it is rough, dry, or even damaged, this procedure can help.

Don’t Settle for Products

deep conditioningIt is a mistake to purchase and use just deep conditioning products found in the shampoo aisle. These over the counter products are not as effective as they should be. And, when you see your stylist for this type of treatment, you are sure to get a higher level of care and more attention to your individual needs. Plus, you’ll learn if you really can benefit from this type of procedure.

How to Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment

The best way to get your hair deep conditioned is to turn to your hair stylist. Come in to see the top hair stylists in New York City today. We’ll help you to find out what you can do to significantly improve the way your hair looks and feels all of the time.

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How to Compare Hair Salons in Manhattan

hair salonThere are dozens of hair salons in any given street in Manhattan. As you consider all of the options out there, it can become very overwhelming. Which one is the best one? Which one should you choose? With so many options out there, you do have to do a bit of homework to find the look that is right for your specific needs. There are a few steps you can take to improve your outcome and get the hair that you really want every time.

Look for Examples

hair salonInstead of comparing Manhattan hair salons from a basic search, look for people whose hair you love. It is much more important to choose a salon by the results they offer than by the photos on their website. If you see someone that has the style or cut that you like and want for yourself, or even someone that just has fantastic styles that you admire, ask them where they get their hair done. This gives you some of the most important information possible. Most people want to brag about their hair stylist when they love the person they go to!

Look for Information

When it comes to checking out available salons in Manhattan, you’ll also want to look at the details available about that location. Here is some information to consider:

  • Are they taking new clients?
  • Do they have appointments that fit your time and your needs?
  • Do they have someone that specializes in the style, cut, color, or other special need you have? You want a specialist, not just someone that can do the job for you.
  • hair salonVisit the location and find out if the stylists are friendly and warm. Do they seem standoffish? Are they willing to help you?
  • Do you feel welcome, excited, and inspired when visiting the salon? You should!

As you consider all of the options in Manhattan hair salons, realize that not everyone is going to be a good fit for you. Instead, focus on what the salon has to offer and whether that meets your specific needs. Finding a local salon that meets your needs means feeling comfortable visiting. If you are ready to make a change and want to choose a local salon that’s experienced, call us. Contact us today for an appointment with the best salon in NYC and Manhattan.

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3 Tips for Choosing a Modern Hairstylist 

dcp-0465-600x400Choosing the right stylist for your needs may mean finding a professional that’ s capable of providing you with modern styles and interesting looks. Finding a modern hairstylist can seem like a challenge though. While a wide range of professionals are out there, not all will provide you with the look you desire and that can be a problem. Consider these tips to finding the ideal stylist.

Start With a Website

Does the hairstylist offer a website? Most modern salons do because they understand the importance of communicating with their clients. Why should this matter to you? It’s simple. These sites tell you about the professional, what they offer, and what they accomplish. The information they offer is very much going to be traditional, contemporary, or very modern.

What Do They Look Like?

Do you really want to go to a hairstylist that does not put enough time and effort into maintaining his or her hair? In other words, you want a modern hairstylist that loves to try new things themselves and you can easily tell that from what they are wearing, the color they’ve selected, and the time they’ve put into their own look. Does their look inspire your choice of hairstyles?

They Know What’s Modern

oFinally, as you meet with and talk to a hairstylist to get to know them and what they offer, zero in on what they offer and know. Talk to them about the latest cuts and styles. Do they know the trends out there? Are they choosing looks that are very much modern? Do they even have the skill to provide you with the fabulous look you want? Ask these questions:

  • What types of hairstyles are you seeing people ask for more today? What’s new and fashionable?
  • When was the last time you updated your skills to match new techniques for color and chemicals?
  • Do you offer organic products that are trendy?

The more information you know about any hair salon, the more information you can use to judge your specific needs. Take the time necessary to really get a feel for what your options are in hair stylists. Most importantly, spend some time finding out if they truly have the skill that is going to help you to maintain a modern hairstyle. Take the time to get to know our salon. We’re the best hair salon in Manhattan.

Take the time to get to know our salon. We’re the best hair salon in New York. Call us at 646-205-3054 to schedule an appointment.

How to Get the Most Out of a Salon

hair salonYou have made an appointment at your local salon. You plan to go in, get a haircut, and perhaps a new style. But, is that all you can get out of this appointment? It is a misconception that hair salons can only provide these types of basic service. The fact is, you may be able to get much more from these services if you know what to ask for and what to expect. Today’s modern salon can give you much more guidance and support than you may realize.

Treat yourself to healthy hair at our Upper East Side hair salon!

hair salonOne of the best things that today’s hair salons can provide to individuals is information about not only the latest trends, but also on the health of their hair. Is your hair healthy? Ask these questions:

  • Is your hair too dry or too oily? Find out why and what you can do about it.
  • Do you have split ends? Do you struggle with frizz? Find out why and how to fix it.
  • Do you struggle with balding or thinning hair? Your stylist can help you to determine why and what can done about it.
  • These experts have a great deal of additional information and support they can offer to you. If you have any questions about the overall health of your hair, ask them here.

What Should You Know about healthy hair?


hair salon

n addition to asking about your hair’s health, you may also want to ask your salon about information and recommendations to make it better. For example, they can provide you with information about better quality products to use. You may want to stay up to date on the latest trends. Your stylist can offer that information to you. Your salon can also help you with other services you may need such as massages, nail care, and much, much more. Even if they do not provide these services directly, your salon can answer questions about what is available and how to get the care you desire.

Take the time to choose a stylist that you really want to work with and one that is very knowledgeable. When you do, you’ll have the ability to get a great deal of additional information and support from the provider than you may be getting now. It may be easier than you think to get the care your hair needs from a stylist you trust.


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