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Read This Before You Decide on Full or Partial Highlights

top-nyc-salon-for-partial-highlights-01Getting highlights are the perfect way to add dimension and color to your hair without having to commit to the damaging effects that a full color will take on your hair. There are many benefits to choosing highlights over other coloring options, but the drawback is that it takes a little bit more effort and time to get exactly what you want. With highlights, you want to make sure your colorist is framing your face and using a color that isn’t too light for your current hair (do we not remember the awful early 2000’s trend that was getting blonde highlights in dark hair?). Additionally, you’ll want to decide whether or not you want to get full or partial highlights, as the two have a couple of notable differences that we’ve discussed below.

Partial Highlights vs Full Highlights

ues-salon-for-dirty-blonde-with-partial-highlights-02When you get full highlights, your stylist will highlight different pieces of hair throughout your entire head, as opposed to focusing on a few areas with partial highlights—whether that be the top or front of your hair in areas that will frame your face nicely. If you’re looking to make smaller changes to your hair or just want to frame your face a bit over dramatically changing your look, partial highlights may be the best option for you.

Full highlights, on the other hand, will be your best option if you’re looking to lighten your overall color and add depth and texture to the look of your hair as a whole. Full highlights will dramatically change the color of your hair, so if you’re seeking to go a few shades lighter but don’t want to commit to a full-dye this is a fantastic option.

Benefits of Highlights

partial-highlights-or-full-color-info-top-nyc-salon-03One of the biggest benefits to being able to choose between full or partial highlights as opposed to having to color all of your hair is that you have the freedom to set a wider budget. If you’re not looking to spend too much on your hair color you can opt for partial highlights. This will give your hair enough change to see a difference but won’t cost you a small fortune, since we all know that coloring sessions can get pricey fast. That being said, the average of cost is also a good indicator for time. If you don’t have the time to spend a day at the salon getting full highlights done you can opt for partial highlights. This will make upkeep much easier and affordable, as you won’t have to sink as much time and money into your color.

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Dare to Go Bold with Fantasy Colors

Fantasy hair colorFantasy hair color has been big news for a number of years now. No longer the reserve of punk and anime subcultures, all kinds of people with all kinds of fashion styles have been trying out bold, unnatural hair colors, and many have completely fallen in love with the feeling of having eye-catching rainbow shades of hair.

If you are set to make the change, here are some pointers about some of the most popular color choices:

Go Light Before You Go Bright

Fantasy hair colorOne important thing to know is that you will need very light hair for the colors to show up as they should. If you are not currently at a light blond shade, then it may take one or more sessions of bleaching to prepare your hair for a fantasy color. Note that the colored hair dye itself isn’t damaging – these dyes are made of natural pigments suspended in a conditioner – but the process of getting a bold color can be if you are starting out with dark hair.

Pastel shades obviously require the very lightest starting color – you can only really get silver, candy pink or baby blue on platinum hair. A mid blond can be enough for some darker colors, however, like deep purples, navy blues, or fiery oranges.

Washing Out Red, Blue, Purple and Pink Shades

Fantasy hair colorFire engine red, ocean blue, rose red, fucshia, magenta, turquoise and even neon pink are some great choices if you want to make a statement, and are all easy to achieve on light hair. What you need to consider here though, is that red and blue pigments can be among the hardest to remove from hair.

While crazy dyes tend to be labeled as temporary – they fade out over a few washes – some colors will leave behind a tinge or remain at a faded state rather than washing out completely in the time promised, and this depends a lot on your hair’s condition. This isn’t a reason not to choose these colors but be aware that you may need to dye over them after they fade, and that they aren’t the best choice if you absolutely need to look ‘normal’ again by next week!

It is possible to dye your hair these colors at home, however to be sure to get the result you want while keeping your hair in good condition, make an appointment today at the best hairdressers in NYC!

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