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What Happens To Your Hair As You Age?

What Happens To Your Hair As You Age? The aging process does not stop no matter how much you want it to. Usually, what concerns people the most is their aging skin and hair. People like to tell your age from your skin or hair color. In addition to that, baldness is another sign of aging even though it is quite common in young individuals as well. As you age, your hair goes through changes that you might not notice too much. Graying is only one of the many things happening to your hair as you age.

Aging and Hair

aging-hair-age-signs-info-faq-salon-nyc-01First, aging makes your hair lose its color. This is because the hair follicles that produce the pigment that responsible for giving your hair color do not produce it any more. The pigment that plays this role is melanin. Your hair starts to turn gray from the scalp area moving its way towards the end of your hair. Usually, the graying of hair begins during mid or late 30s, but it also depends on your genes. White people tend to notice gray hair earlier than Asians do. Most people attempt to decrease the rate of graying by taking health supplements.

Secondly, aging hair experiences loss of thickness and volume. This is because the roots weaken, which results in hair loss and slow hair growth. Your genes can also affect these factors. No one can escape this process regardless of their genes. Protein strands of the hair become weak and thin resulting in poor texture and gray color.


Men, as they age get bald patches on their head. Such a loss of hair mainly starts from the top of their head. Women may also experience some level of baldness. They can apply castor oil in small amounts on spots where they feel baldness is starting. Men who lose hair rapidly must go for testosterone level tests so they know the exact cause behind the hair loss.

Men can take topical minoxidil to treat hair loss at the top of their scalp and at the temple. It is an oral supplement, which can help stimulate new hair growth. Another option that they can consider is a hair transplant treatment.

Hair Products

aging-hair-age-signs-info-faq-salon-nyc-02It is vital to use anti-aging hair shampoos and conditioners that ensure healthy and smooth hair. Other than that, if you have entered the process of aging and you color your hair using chemical-containing hair dyes, please stop. Hair dyes target the roots and may cause infections in the scalp. Since the scalp is already fragile due to aging, you do not want to invite infections and compromise on hair health further.

Other Items

Also, as you get older, your hair tends to get coarse, lifeless and dry. This is mainly because the oil glands slow down their production of oil, causing your hair to look dry and lifeless. You must add oiling to your hair care routine. Oil is food for the hair and it helps keep the hair soft and moist. Coconut oil is the most effective. Lastly, avoid using appliances that produce heat such as straightening irons frequently. Heat also weakens the hair and lead to breakage.


To conclude, aging is a natural part of life, which you can’t stop. However, what you can do is deal with it and its effects in a proper manner. Take your vitamins, use good quality hair shampoos and follow a hair care routine.

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Three Hairstyling Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Hacks can make the difference between frustrating and fabulous when it comes to getting your hair to look just how you want it, and sometimes, when you discover a great tip, it can feel like a real win!

Here are three hair related hacks that everybody needs to know for easier, gorgeous hair:

Stop Your Bobby Pins Slipping with Hairspray or Dry Shampoo

Hairstyling HacksIf you want to use bobby pins to keep your style in place, one of the first things you should know is that the wavy side actually goes underneath, and flat side faces up! A lot of people get this wrong. This already will help the pins to stay in place, but for people with very straight hair, especially if it has just been washed, you may need a little extra help to stop them sliding.

You can make your bobby pins more grippy by placing them on some kitchen paper, spraying them with hairspray or dry shampoo, and blotting them with the paper before putting them in your hair.

Get a Fuller Looking Ponytail Fast

Hairstyling HacksIf you tend to use clip-in extensions to get a fuller look when you wear your hair in a ponytail, you can actually cheat your way to a similar look using your real hair. Simply make a smaller upper ponytail using the top third of your hair, and then put the rest of your hair in a ponytail underneath it. The top ponytail will disguise the lower one, and your pony will look a lot more voluminous.

Refresh Hair When You Don’t Want to Wash and Dry It

Hairstyling HacksIf your hair looks dull and you want to freshen it up without fully washing and drying it, there is obviously dry shampoo. However, there are some other ways to achieve a fast refresh if you don’t have any on hand. One is to use talc or baby powder in the same way you would use dry shampoo to absorb oil. Another is to simply wash your bangs or the front section of your hair normally over the sink. It will dry quickly and give you the fresh look you want without time spent on a full shower or styling!

Of course, the secret to low maintenance, great hair is a good cut, and if you want a new one, make an appointment today at the best hairstylists in NYC!

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