Are There Differences between Male and Female Hairstylists?

Are there differences between male and female hairstylists? The cosmetic and fashion industry are the industries where you normally think that women are the dominant force. But in today’s time and age, you see that men are a huge part of this industry as well. If you were to go to a salon in your area, you might discover that there are both male and female hairstylists in every salon at this point. Not only that, but the ratio of both male and female hairstylist is somewhat balanced as well. Before we get into the differences between Male and Female hairstylists, let’s talk about some common misconceptions.

Difference between a Barber, Hairstylist and Hairdresser

Terms such as barber, hairstylist, and hairdresser are words that people use interchangeably. However, that is a huge misconception and is highly incorrect. These three terms mean different things. Let us take a barber, for example. A barber does not just cut hair but he/she also has a license to shave. On the other hand, a hairstylist is only licensed to cut and style hair.

Similarly, a hairdresser is different from a hairstylist and a barber because a hairdresser only cuts hair whereas a hairstylist also cuts, colors and styles hair. Knowing the difference between these terms is very crucial to help know if the service you are getting from a hair care professional even comes under their window.

Male vs. Female Hairstylists

When it comes to skill, it is difficult to tell if men or women are better. You can find both good and bad male and female hairstylists. However, some things set them apart from each other. For example, male hairstylists tend to talk less in comparison to female hairstylist. Now, this can be both, a good and bad thing. If you are going into a salon so that you can get your hair done and maybe talk about your day then going to a female hairstylist will be a better decision. However, if you plan on having a relaxing, calm and quiet day at the salon, a male hairstylist might be the best decision for you.

It depends on what your style is like. If you want a bit of a masculine flair to your hair, a male stylist would probably be beneficial for you. And if you like a feminine touch to your hair, a female hairstylist might be your cup of tea.

Final Thoughts

Research is an extremely crucial thing to remember when choosing hairstylists. You should never to salon and get your hair done by whoever is available. You can end up with a disastrous outcome of doing that. We always suggest taking some time out and researching what hairstylist is best for you. It should not depend on the gender of the hairstylist.

However, it depends on who is a more talented hairstylist. Today, a good majority of salons and hairstylist have their Instagram accounts where they like to post their work. So, be sure to check out their work and see if it suits your preferred style. If you are looking for a diverse range of hairstylists, make sure to check out Aaron Emanuel hair salon. At Aaron Emanuel’s, you can get chic and contemporary hairstyles from trusted and talented hair care professionals.

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