2019 Women’s Hair Style Trends for Summer

Today’s hair style trends are modern takes on yesterday’s classic looks. Whether it’s rounded bobs, curtain bangs, hair extensions, braids, or the wet look; if you’re stuck in a rut and want to change it up, give these hot hair style trends a try at your next salon visit!

Hair Style Trend #1:  The Rounded Bob

hairstyle-trends-2019-rounded-bob-01This hair style trend is a modern take on the classic A-line bob or blunt bob hair style. The rounded bob is achieved by your stylist point cutting the ends of your bob to create a softer, more feminine look, and then finishing it off by blowing your hair out and applying a good hair serum.  [i]

Hair Style Trend #2:  Curtain Bangs

hairstyle-trends-2019-curtain-bangs-02Looking to change it up but not wanting to do anything too drastic?  Then, the curtain bang hair style trend could be just the look for you!  This center parted fringe is a classic look popularized by model/actress, Bridget Bardot.  It is the perfect way to elongate rounder or heart shaped faces as well as highlight your best features![ii]

Hair Style Trend #4:  Hair Extensions

Get long, flowing, locks almost instantly with the hair extension trend.  Whether it’s tape in hair extensions, fusion hair extension, sew in…. there’s a hair extension style that’s perfect for your hair type, texture, and color.  Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length, and color to any hair style.  Plus, it’s a lot faster than waiting to grow your own hair out![iii]

Hair Style Trend #3:  The Rapunzel Braid

hairstyle-trends-2019-rapunzzel-braid-03Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down your braid!  This hair style trend is the perfect protective hair style for those with textured hair or really long hair that’s difficult to style. If you decided to try the rounded bob or have hair that isn’t long enough, and are wanting to try this look, have no fear!  This look can easily be achieved by your stylist with the help of hair extensions (see hair style trend #4 above).  To get this look, your hair will need to be parted and pulled into a low, tight, ponytail.  Then your ponytail will need to be braided and secured with an elastic or other accessory of your choice.[iv]

Hair Style Trend #4:  The Wet Beachy Look

hairstyle-trends-2019-wet-beachy-look-04This hair style trend’s popularity is attributed to its versatility:  wear it down for a casual, carefree look, or throw it up in a sky-high ponytail for a more polished, but fun, look.  Although this hair style looks wet, it’s not wet at all!  This style trend is achieved with the use of lightweight oils that give it that wet appearance.[v]

Thinking of trying one of these hair style trends?  Make sure to talk it over with a skilled stylist before taking the plunge.  Stylists are trained to know what styles work best with your face shapes, what styles work with your hair texture, and what trends will work with your lifestyle.  They can also give you tips on how to style your new look!

Ready to try a new hair style trend?  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best hair salon in NYC!





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