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AE Salon’s energized, inviting atmosphere is a reflection of the team Aaron Emanuel has assembled. Our highly-trained staff looks to create a fun and memorable experience at every visit. We’re passionate about fostering a long-lasting friendship and providing you a successful, beautiful look each time.



AE Salon’s thorough consultation will help you target the services ideal for your look and lifestyle. From color and texturizing treatments to extensions and highlights, our stylists will direct your session to provide the look you seek.



At Aaron Emanuel, we provide service in a friendly & comfortable environment. Click below to view a gallery of our various services from hair coloring, to straightening to extensions. See why we’re considered the top hair salon in NYC.

Will Straightening Damage My Hair?

Will Straightening Damage My Hair? Straightened hair looks gorgeous and flawlessly shiny. Who does not want pretty looking hair? However, what you might not realize is the fact that too much heat on your hair can damage it. Women tend to feel a rush of satisfaction when they straighten their wavy hair or when they attempt to alter their natural curls into sleek straight hair.

Is Daily Use of Straightener Harmful For Hair?

If you get your hands on a fine quality straightener and end up getting addicted to straightening, there is a high chance you are going to end up damaging your hair. Your hair can become coarse and there will be split ends that result in breakage. Here is what you need to know, if you wish to keep your straightened locks healthy and free of damage.

Firstly, invest in a good quality iron and do not go for the one that has a cheap appealing price tag because poorly designed appliances can be damaging to your hair. Carefully look at all options that the iron has to offer, before purchasing. Other than the on and off buttons, look for the adjustable heat setting button. Search for a straightener that has ceramic plates because they help distribute heat evenly, throughout your hair. However, note that if you have naturally curly hair then you should buy one with titanium plates.

Before you begin ironing your hair, make sure to apply a serum on it. Hair serums protect your hair from damage and ensure frizz-free smooth locks. You can also buy a heat protecting spray or argon oil as a moisture fix. In addition to that, make sure you do not tie your hair tightly as it contributes to hair breakage. Do not be too harsh on your hair, tie it loosely and use a comb to get rid of tangles instead of a hairbrush.

All you straightening lovers out there must purchase fine quality conditioners and shampoos so that your hair stays soft and luscious. This is very important so do not skip this step, especially if you straighten your hair more than three times a week. Also, do not wash your hair every day. Shampoo every alternate day because too much shampooing can also result in dry hair.

Another major addition you can make to your hair care routine is, oiling. Oil your hair at least once a week so it remains moist even after all the straightening that you do. Oiling helps keep hair glossy, especially, olive oil or coconut hair oil. Other than that, you can make DIY (do-it-yourself) hair packs that will help retain moisture. One tablespoon of yogurt, mixed with an egg white makes a superb natural hair mask.

Lastly, do not over-do straightening. Once or twice, a week is fine but do not iron your hair everyday especially if you do not do any of the above hair care practices religiously at least once a week. Trust us, you do not want to damage your hair and deal with hair fall or breakage.


Get in touch with the best hair professionals in NYC today and find out what your hair needs are. Sometimes, we keep doing what we think is effective but in real, too much of that certain thing can be damaging. You must know about your hair care requirements in detail and that is only possible if you physically visit a salon that has experts onboard to take care of your hair-related problems. We will help you so you do not have to worry about your hair!

What to Look For When Finding the Best Hair Salon in NYC

Looking for the right hair salon can be extremely challenging at times. Your priority should be to get access to the good hairstylists, who keep up with contemporary styles. You want to have a good experience that makes you want to trust the hairstylist and the salon. The tiniest of the details matter – everything ranging from them listening to your rants and teaching you how to recreate your style at home.

Here are the four things that you should keep in mind when finding the best salons in NYC:

1.     The Surroundings

The atmosphere of the salon is extremely important, and when you are looking for good salons, the atmosphere should be on your priority list. Visiting the hair salon should be a trip to take care of yourself and feel relaxed. However, if the salon is too noisy, it can affect your experience negatively. So, make sure you pick a calm and quiet place where you can close your eyes, read a magazine or just talk about your day. You should feel at ease as soon as you arrive in the salon. A warm and happy welcome can make the difference of a world.

2.     A Large Clientele

A lot of customers inside the salon can be both, a good thing or a bad thing. However, a busy place is an indicator that the salon offers good services and that you can trust it. Once you find your place, you can book an appointment and go there. Booking an appointment can be hassling but it is far better than a disastrous service or a bad hairstyle you end up getting when you are in a hurry.

3.     Extras

The little extra things can make a colossal difference; it could be a cup of coffee while you are waiting or a glass of water while you are getting your hair done. Who doesn’t like some freebies? A salon that takes care of its clients should be on a priority for you. It turns the salon trip into a self-care trip, which prepares you for a tough week ahead.

4.     Available Services

You need to make sure you are going to the right salon for the right service. Some salons might specialize in trendy haircuts and others in coloring your hair. The best salon for you is the one where the stylist can rise up to your expectations and take care of your hair according to its type and texture. For a good and fun makeover, it is important to know that your hairstylist has worked on stuff like that before. Be cautious and do your research thoroughly before you go.

Sometimes salons also offer other services such as manicures or facials. You might want to choose a place that offers other services than hair styling. It can be useful to go to such salons because you can make your time more productive.

Final Thoughts

Like we mentioned earlier, you have to do your research thoroughly as it will affect the outcome of the services you take from the salon. You should consider all of these things when looking for good salons in NYC. This way, you can have a relaxing experience, knowing that your money went to the right people. Aaron Emanuel Salon has the best experience professionals who can offer multiple services that go beyond your expectations. Visit us for all your hair care needs and excellent results.


Aaron Emanuel Salon
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What Happens To Your Hair As You Age?

What Happens To Your Hair As You Age? The aging process does not stop no matter how much you want it to. Usually, what concerns people the most is their aging skin and hair. People like to tell your age from your skin or hair color. In addition to that, baldness is another sign of aging even though it is quite common in young individuals as well. As you age, your hair goes through changes that you might not notice too much. Graying is only one of the many things happening to your hair as you age.

Aging and Hair

aging-hair-age-signs-info-faq-salon-nyc-01First, aging makes your hair lose its color. This is because the hair follicles that produce the pigment that responsible for giving your hair color do not produce it any more. The pigment that plays this role is melanin. Your hair starts to turn gray from the scalp area moving its way towards the end of your hair. Usually, the graying of hair begins during mid or late 30s, but it also depends on your genes. White people tend to notice gray hair earlier than Asians do. Most people attempt to decrease the rate of graying by taking health supplements.

Secondly, aging hair experiences loss of thickness and volume. This is because the roots weaken, which results in hair loss and slow hair growth. Your genes can also affect these factors. No one can escape this process regardless of their genes. Protein strands of the hair become weak and thin resulting in poor texture and gray color.


Men, as they age get bald patches on their head. Such a loss of hair mainly starts from the top of their head. Women may also experience some level of baldness. They can apply castor oil in small amounts on spots where they feel baldness is starting. Men who lose hair rapidly must go for testosterone level tests so they know the exact cause behind the hair loss.

Men can take topical minoxidil to treat hair loss at the top of their scalp and at the temple. It is an oral supplement, which can help stimulate new hair growth. Another option that they can consider is a hair transplant treatment.

Hair Products

aging-hair-age-signs-info-faq-salon-nyc-02It is vital to use anti-aging hair shampoos and conditioners that ensure healthy and smooth hair. Other than that, if you have entered the process of aging and you color your hair using chemical-containing hair dyes, please stop. Hair dyes target the roots and may cause infections in the scalp. Since the scalp is already fragile due to aging, you do not want to invite infections and compromise on hair health further.

Other Items

Also, as you get older, your hair tends to get coarse, lifeless and dry. This is mainly because the oil glands slow down their production of oil, causing your hair to look dry and lifeless. You must add oiling to your hair care routine. Oil is food for the hair and it helps keep the hair soft and moist. Coconut oil is the most effective. Lastly, avoid using appliances that produce heat such as straightening irons frequently. Heat also weakens the hair and lead to breakage.


To conclude, aging is a natural part of life, which you can’t stop. However, what you can do is deal with it and its effects in a proper manner. Take your vitamins, use good quality hair shampoos and follow a hair care routine.

To find out more about your hair related issues and explore aging hair treatment options, schedule your appointment with the best hair experts in NYC today!


Should I Go For A Short Haircut?

salon-for-short-haircut-nyc-hairstyle-ideas-2There are days when you just want to cut your hair short and rock the short hair look, especially if the humid weather is frustrating you. However, women who have dramatically long hair hesitate and push away all the thoughts that ignite their short hair desires. Getting double-minded is natural but if you feel that it is time to change things and explore different hair styles, then you should go for a shorter haircut. Sometimes impulsive haircut decisions make you fall in love with your look all over again!

Essential Tips

Here is what you need to know if you are planning to go for a hair chop-off session. Firstly, you have to know which short haircut option is best for which face shape. If you want the best outcomes, you must know what face shapes pull off short hair the best. If you are someone who has an oval face, you can easily rock short hair like a queen. Bob cuts especially shoulder length bobs look gorgeous on oval shaped faces.

The ideal choice for you, if you have a long face is a ‘lob’, which is a blend of two words, long and bob. A lob is always classy and gives you a very bold and confident look. For all you heart shaped faces, pixie cuts look beyond beautiful.

salon-for-short-haircut-nyc-hairstyle-ideas-3While, females with round and slightly chubby faces generally carry straight short shoulder length haircuts pretty well. If you belong to the round-faced category, then ask your hairdresser to cut bangs in addition to the short haircut. Bangs resting on your forehead look stylish, girly and make your face appear slimmer.

Next short hair tip is, following the 2.25-inch rule. Surprisingly, this rule is very effective and it will help you decide better. A qualified hair expert, who studied face shapes, discovered it.

All you need is a ruler and a pencil. Stand in front of the mirror and place the pencil underneath your chin horizontally. You have to hold the ruler vertically, with the pencil pointing towards the inches. This way you can measure the length of your jawbone and if it is less than 2.25 inches, good news for you, you can carry short hair like a boss. If it is more than 2.25, go with a longer bob so you can fulfill your short hair desire and feel happy with the outcome.

Always remember that you will have your hair back within a couple of months because of their fast growth speed. You can make the process speedy and trigger growth by oiling your hair frequently. Do not feel shy or let anyone’s comments come in the way of what you want. Go for short hair if that is what you want. It is fun, empowering, and boosts your confidence to a completely new level. So, don’t be afraid to switch your style, there is a high chance that you can get comfortable with a different style, so look at things with a positive lens. In addition, sometimes trims are actually healthy for your hair and save it from breakage or split ends.


Get in touch with the best hair salon in NYC today to get hair services done from expert hair professionals. Schedule your appointment now and avail the best hair deals!




How Do Stick-on Hair Extensions Work

stick-on-tape-hair-extensions-nyc-salon-uesBefore getting into how stick-on hair extensions work, the first thing you need to know is that hair extensions come in two forms: human hair and synthetic hair. So, the question that arises here is if there is any difference between the two.

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair extensions look exactly like how they sound. They make them out of real human hair that comes from people who donate their hair for wigs and extensions. When all the cuticles of the hair are intact, you call it Remy’s hair. When the cuticles are intact, there is no tangling, which ensures that the extensions stay soft, smooth and silky for a long time.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

These extensions have blended fibers and different types of synthetic fibers. They don’t have any real human hair. The fibers that they use are very fine and thin plastic fibers. They mimic human hair quite well.

What Are Stick-On Hair Extensions?

Stick-on hair extensions, also known as clip-in hair extensions, come with a silicone base that you can clip on. They are the least permanent style of hair extensions. You can put them on and take them off whenever you like. You can also style these extensions by either straightening them or curling them. You can also color them according to your hair color or bright colors if you are going for a bolder look. You only need to wash them after every 15 to 20 wears. Washing them regularly can damage the strands, so you should not do it too frequently.

Who Can Use Them?

They are wonderful for people who do not like their regular look anymore and want to spice it up with extensions. They are easy to use and take only 15 minutes to put on. If you are someone with short hair and you want some length to it, stick-on hair extensions are the perfect choice for you. They are also perfect for people who are losing hair because of medical reasons as this can help hide bald spots. Hair extensions do an excellent job of giving you a sleek and natural look.

How Long Do They Last?

It pretty much depends on how well you take care of them. Are you making sure to apply heat protectant when you curl or straighten them? That’s extremely important as a lot of people forget to do so and end up with hair extensions they can’t use anymore. As stated earlier, you cannot wash it regularly as doing so can dry out the extensions. If you do not handle the extensions carefully, it will last for around three months. However, if you take care of them well, they can last about six months

Final Verdict

Hair extensions can completely transform the way you look. The best part is that stick-on extensions don’t even damage your hair, so they don’t just change your look but also no harm comes to the strength of your hair. As we mentioned earlier, they aren’t just easy to put on, they are also low maintenance.

Stick-on hair extensions can give you a desired look in a simple way. Contact Aaron Emanuel Salon today to learn more 🙂


Hair Straightening – Which Method Is The Best?

Hair Straightening – Which Method Is The Best? Most women strive hard to look best every single day. In addition to ensuring you have the right makeup, you probably want your hair to look best. Especially the women with frizzy hair find it quite difficult to manage their tresses. If you are one of them, this article is for you!

You can always have fabulous, gorgeous-looking straight hair whenever you want. All you have to do is to come across the different hair straightening techniques to choose the best one for your hair.

Keratin Treatment

It is no secret that keratin treatments have become one of the most popular hair straightening methods over the past few years. No doubt, keratin treatments are safer techniques for hair straightening, which makes it a popular choice of many women today. Well, keratin is a natural protein that is naturally present in our hair.

Over time, this protein content decreases due to poor diet and age factors. Eventually, it makes your hair look dreary and rough. That said, the keratin treatment adds enough content of keratin onto your hair, which provides it sufficient nutrients. As a result, your hair becomes smooth and straight. In a salon, professional hairstylist applies keratin solution to your tresses and uses a flat iron to seal in the content to your hair strands.

One of the reasons that make keratin method the best is that your hair grows back into its natural form and structure gradually, and you can repeat the treatment without worrying about hair damage.

Thermal Reconditioning

Also known as Japanese straightening, thermal reconditioning promotes the permanently altered structure of your hair. The process loses the protein bonds present in your shafts while reshaping your hair cells. However, it is important to mention here that thermal reconditioning is a lengthy process involving several steps. Maybe, you need to sit for six to eight hours for the treatment.

Hair Rebonding

If you want straightened hair for a longer period, rebonding is the best option to go for. The process involves a chemical treatment that makes your sleek, shiny, and straight. Not to mention, hairstylists use a relaxant softener or straightening cream, which break the natural structure of your hair to re-bond it again. This straightening technique is ideal for women with thick or wavy hair.

Flat Iron

So, the last effective yet on-the-go hair straightening method is using a flat iron. Whether you are commuting to your office or going into your friend’s birthday party, this hair straightening technique will tame your frizz without any hassle. However, do not forget that excessive heat can damage your hair. Therefore, make sure to set the iron on heat level that your hair can tolerate. But it is best for you to visit a salon to get it done more safely. They use a heat protection hair spray that protects your hair from heat damage.

The Bottom Line

With the intense summer heat, your hair becomes prone to frizz. However, combating the frizz is never easy; you need to put many efforts to make them smooth and silky. After coming across the above mentioned straightening techniques, now you know how to achieve straightened hair easily. However, it is in your best interest to approach  Aaron Emanuel Salon. Our team of experts will guide you and recommend the best hair straightening for you.

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Habits of the Best NYC Hairstylists

What are the habits of the best NYC hairstylists? Are you looking to become a hairstylist? Or are you trying to find a good hairstylist and need a guide to see if your hairstylist will work perfectly for you, well, you are in the right place. If you love to dress up or have an interest in fashion, you know that good hair is an absolute necessity and the key to looking good and no one except a hairdresser can do that for you.

One of the biggest misconceptions about hairdressers is that people think they only cut hair. However, hairdressing is not purely just the art of cutting hair. This reason is why they are hairstylists. They use multiple techniques to provide customers with their desired results. They do everything, ranging from dying your hair to shampooing it.

Habits of the Best NYC Hairstylists: They Are Innovative

A good stylist needs to have innovative skills. They can transform something simple into something fun and different. Yes, some people do like the original classic look when it comes to hair, but there will always be clients who want something unique, different and fun. The hairstylist will only be able to deliver if they are innovative and can create a bold look.

Good Listener

Yes, you read correctly, a hairstylist needs to have the capability to listen, the reason being customers love to talk about the ups and downs, and the drama in their life. The saying that “hairstylist makes for better therapists than the real deal” definitely has some truth to it. Clients usually use the time during their hairstyling as a time to rant about their problems and concerns in life. However, the rehashing of the client’s life should not affect the quality of their work. The hairstylist should communicate accordingly with the customer to make sure both of them are on the same page.

Physical Stamina

Hairstyling procedures can, at times, be extremely lengthy. Your hairstylist should have good manual dexterity so they can stand and work through the treatments. If your stylist does not have good stamina, it is a recipe for disaster because it is easy to mess up the hairstyles as the hairstylist might get either tired or lazy and use shortcuts or take the easy way out. And they do not have to deal with just one client. They usually work eight-hour shifts, and you do not know how many clients they dealt with before you. Not just that, they have to operate tools and switch tools that involves strength and energy.

Level of Experience

Always research before getting your hair styled at a Salon. You need to know how much experience your stylist has. Always go to an experienced professional for styling your hair. Yes, it can get expensive but spending a little bit more cash is better than getting a bad hairstyle. Even though hair grows back, no one wants his or her money to go down the drain. Therefore, just put a little time and effort into researching either your preferred salon or the hairstylist you select.

Final Thoughts

If your hairstylist doesn’t make you comfortable, you should find a different professional. You need to be careful and spend your money wisely when it comes to hairstylists. As mentioned, good research is the key to a good hairstyle. If you want to get your hair done from trusted professionals, contact our NYC Stylists at Aaron Emanuel Salon to experience the best professional hair care in NYC.

Aaron Emanuel Salon
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Coloring Your Hair? What to Know

Coloring Your Hair? What do you need to know? If you are looking for a way to spice up your look, there is no better way to do so than coloring your hair. However, there are still some things you need to consider and be cautious of before going and getting your hair dyed

Things You Need To Be Careful Of

One thing we cannot press on more is that you should do your research first. Do not just go into your nearest salon and get your hair colored. That can be a recipe for absolute disaster. The reason why we want you to research is because some hair stylists are better at particular things than others.

If you are looking to getting a very bold color such as a vivacious red or a vibrant shade of blue, choose a hairstylist who is famous for doing bold colors. Avoid going to someone who works with more neutral tones or someone who works with natural colors.

How Often Can You Get Your Hair Colored?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that you need to wait until your hair has fully recovered and healed from your previous dye. You should wait a minimum of six weeks before you get your next dye. This way, you give your hair time to replenish. Within those six weeks, you can take care of your damaged hair by doing treatments.

Do not worry because you don’t have to go to the salon and get expensive treatments. You can also work with at-home natural products to help care for your hair. One good technique is to deep condition it. You can make at home treatments or apply plant-based oil to help condition your hair back to healthy.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

If you shampoo your hair every day, your hair color will fade faster than you can imagine. If you don’t take proper care of your dyed hair and use the right color, your hair dye will fade out pretty quickly, especially bright colors like pink.  If you have dyed your hair blonde, make sure you use a good quality purple shampoo. It will keep your blond hair looking fresh and cool-toned.


If you are getting the entirety of your hair dyed, touch-ups are going to be your number one concern until you decide to let the color fade out. For example, if you have naturally blonde hair and you decide to get your hair dyed purple, you will have to frequently get touchups because your hair grows half an inch every month. If it’s difficult for you to get a touch up every month or two, what you can do is get a hair color closer to your root color. This way, it isn’t as noticeable when your hair grows out.

Like we mentioned before, you should always do your research before getting your hair colored. In addition, you should never try to color your hair at home. If you have already faced the consequences of trying to color your hair at home don’t worry! Hair grows back, and Aaron Emanuel salon has your back. We provide services for all your hair care wants; everything ranging from a chic haircut to a stunning hair dye. Contact us today for all your hair care needs.

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Popular Celebrity Hairstyles 2019

What are some popular celebrity hairstyles for 2019? Celebrities are larger than life figures, and people often look up to them for inspiration. However, straight up copying them takes away the originality from your own life, so you should avoid that. Celebrities set the trends when it comes to fashion and the cosmetic industry. They set trends for everything ranging from different the styles of makeup to how your hair should look. Every year, you see celebrities rocking different styles and chic haircuts. However, we can say that 2019 was probably the year of contemporary hairstyles. Everyone had something unique going on.

Popular Celebrity Hairstyles 2019

1.     Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are the new statement and they give you a fun and fresh look. They help in uplifting your facial features and making your face look more defined. You can see these famous celebs rocking this haircut:

  • Zendaya is someone who often experiments with her hair; you can see her rocking this hairstyle
  • Model Alanna Arrington has one of the best curls in the modeling industry
  • Star of Russian Doll, Natasha Lyonne, has beautiful voluminous hair

2.     Curtain Bangs

Unlike curly bangs, curtain bangs are bit more of a relaxed approach to the fringe. They are basically longer bangs with tons of layers and a lot of texture. They range from long hair to short bobs. Here are some celebrities that look exquisite with the curtain bangs:

  • Camilla Cabello has these flawless curtain bangs, and they look amazing with her soft doll-like facial structure
  • Bella Hadid has these piercing green eyes, and with this haircut, she looks fierce as ever
  • Selena Gomez rocks the curtain bangs, and they look amazing with her face shape

3.     Blunt Bob

A sharp, blunt bob is probably everyone’s dream. They suit every face shape but look excellent with oval face shapes. Blunt bobs have been extremely popular in 2019. Here are some celebs who look ravishing with a blunt bob:

  • Jenna Dewan with her beautiful sharp eyes looks gorgeous with a blunt bob
  • Sarah Paulson has such a sleek look and looks very contemporary with the blunt bob
  • Mandy Moore, with her beautiful face, structure rocks the haircut

4.     70s Shag

We know the name sounds old. You must be thinking that we are talking about the 70s in 2019. It will surprise you to know that the 70s have been extremely trendy in 2019. Everything, ranging from clothes to hairstyles, have seen a touch of the 70s. The 70s shag has this voluminous, beautiful look to it and you can spot it from far away. Some celebs that look stunning with the 70’s shag are:

  • Taraji P. Henson looks beautiful with wavy hair
  • Chrissy Teigen’s has an adorable youthful look with her 70’s shag
  • Hailey Baldwin with her small oval-shaped face looks excellent with the 70’s shag cut

Final Verdict

Celebrities help us in deciding what type of styles we should adopt so that we can look chic and trendy. However, let us tell you a secret: the most contemporary style is to be unique and original. Taking inspiration from celebrities is an amazing thing. However, you should always remember to add your own twists to the hairstyles so that you can look different from everyone else.

By looking, different people actually end up remembering you more if you don’t blend in with the crowd. If you are looking for hairstylists to help give you that perfect up to date original hairstyle book an appointment with Aaron Emanuel hair salon.

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Best Hair Treatments

So, what are the best hair treatments? Good hair is the key to looking good and fresh. With all the styling products and heating tools we use, such as curling irons and hair straighteners, our hair is bound to receive a lot of damage. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people barely get the time to take care of their hair. However, for healthy, smooth, and shiny hair, it is crucial to get the right treatment.

We would highly suggest going to a professional to get your hair treatments. A hair care professional will know how to treat your hair according to its type and texture. However, if treatments at salons are proving to be expensive and miles away from your budget then home treatments can do a decent job.

Salon Hair Treatments vs. At-Home Hair Care

When it comes to getting any treatment at a salon, you can get completely different experience when you get it there. Getting hair treatments at a salon is a luxurious experience. So, if you are looking to have a spa day and want to relax without someone nagging you every second, hair care treatment at a salon is probably your cup of tea. At salons, they offer scalp massages, which are very crucial to get the blood flowing in your scalp.

An at-home hair treatment probably won’t give you the same results that a treatment by a hair care professional might but it can be difficult to go to the salon every week. It is neither time-efficient nor does your bank account do you enough favors. So, it can be pretty reasonable to do an at-home hair treatment, maybe once or twice a week. It lets your hair replenish and heal from all the damage it has gone through.

At-Home Hair Treatments

If you have dry and damaged hair or stunted hair growth, deep conditioning your hair with plant-based oils is an excellent idea. It helps repair your hair. Coconut oil helps with a dry scalp and hair loss. IT deeply conditions your hair and gives it a smooth and sleek finish.

Apple cider vinegar wash is perfect for colored hair as it stops the hair from becoming coarse and dry. Apple cider wash also works wonders for dry hair that lack shine and luster. The best thing is that it helps rejuvenate both, the scalps and your locks.

Salon Hair Treatments

Frizzy rough hair can become a nightmare to deal with at times. The perfect solution for when it comes to rough hair would be to get a keratin treatment. It has been one of the most effective smoothing treatments since the past decade. However, the only con with the keratin complex treatment is that it starts to fade away as your hair starts to grow out.

Common hair sorrows such as split ends and dryness can go away via the moisture treatment as it helps condition your hair deeply and gives it the love it deserves. It does wonders for over-processed and damaged hair, and brings back moisture to your parched locks.

Final Verdict

Always do your research before you do a treatment at home or get one at the Salon. If you have dry hair, a hair fall treatment will not probably do you any good and will be both, a waste of your money and time. For this reason, if you want to be time-efficient, visit Aaron Emanuel hair salon where we will give you the best treatment and care your hair deserves. We will ensure to treat your hair according to your needs requirements.

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